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Procedures of filling in and submission of Entry Form for JAIBB-Banking Diploma Examination.

Banking Diploma Examination in Bangladesh

Diploma Certification under The Institute of Bankers, Bangladesh (IBB)

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How to fill up and submit the Entry Form for JAIBB-Banking Diploma Examination.


: Procedures of filling in and submission of Entry Form:

1. Candidates must furnish correctly all information by their own handwriting in the Entry Form. Candidates shall have to be paid on Examination Fee of Tk. 1000/- (Taka One Thousand) only for appearing in JAIBB examination. Unsuccessful candidates will, however, pay an examination fee of Tk. 1000/- (Taka One Thousand) only as flat rate for each irrespective of numbers of subject(s).

2. Candidates must submit their entry forms to the Personnel Department/Division/concerned Local Office/ Principal Office/Regional Office/ Main Branch of their respective banks/ financial institutions within the date fixed for submission of entry form. Candidates of the banks/ financial institutions which have no Principal Office/ Regional Office, shall submit their entry forms together with the requisite fees to the head of their local main Branch. Candidates of Bangladesh Bank shall submit their entry forms along with requisite fees to their respective authorities. In no circumstances, the Institute shall directly receive entry forms from the candidates personally.

3. Candidates are advised to fill in the entry form correctly and carefully. Incomplete and faulty entry form will be directly treated as cancelled.

4. 2 (two) attested copies of recent passport size photographs of the candidate must be stapled with the entry form. Photocopy of photographs is not acceptable.

5. Candidates already possessing Enrollment numbers, at the time of filling in the Entry Forms, must mention their Enrollment number and year of enrolment in the space indicated for that purpose in the Entry Form. Candidates who will fill in the Enrolment Form for fresh enrolment are advised to leave vacant the space indicated for Enrolment number in the Enrolment From for use by the Institute office. To be eligible for enrolment with the Institute, a candidate must have passed Higher Secondary Certificate (H.S.C.) or equivalent Examination and must enclose with the Enrolment Form, an attested photocopy of the certificate of such academic qualification issued by the concerned Board/ Authority.

6. With a view to ensuring safe distribution of Admit Cards, etc., the candidates are advised to mention clearly the name of Branch, Division/Department/Section of their bank/ financial institution and the name of concerned district in the Entry Form.

7. Admit Cards are generally sent from the Institute 1 (one) week before commencement of the examination. If any candidate does not have at hand his/her Admit Card in time for any reason, he /she is advised to contact the Institute’s Office/Member-Secretary of the Local Examination Committee (in case of districts other than Dhaka District, the head of local office of Bangladesh Bank/ the head of local office of Sonali Bank Ltd) as soon as possible.

8. If any candidate has any query about results of the examination, he/she will be allowed to have the desired information/ clarification form the Institute with 1 (One) year subsequent to announcement of the examination results. No application /request in this regard will be entertained by the Institute after expire of this time-limit.

The price of Entry Form (JAIBB) is Tk. 20/- (twenty) only.

Sample Entry Form-JAIBB

Front Side

Back Side

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